John Guidos

Director of Strategic Operations at Established

John Guidos is the Director of Strategic Operation at Established, a consultancy focused on helping organizations with their innovation, startup, and communication strategies. He is also a Managing Member of Established Ventures, which was created to provide resources for companies to grow and prosper for the greater good of society, all while promoting diversity and to reach the goals of the investment group.


John was formerly the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of TurboAppeal, Inc. In early 2015, John and his co-founders formed TurboAppeal with the objective to provide a big-data and machine learning resource to all homeowners in an effort to efficiently ensure that all customers only pay their fair share of property taxes. TurboAppeal went on to raise a Series A round of funding, which was led by some of the biggest names in real estate and technology. In May 2017, TurboAppeal was acquired by Paradigm Tax Group.