Brian Millis

Vice President of Client Development at Advisa

Brian Millis has spent his career working with companies big and small. Through his exceptionally engaging approach to consulting, he enjoys helping companies with improving productivity, team building, and problem-solving skills.

With roots in the Indy tech startup space, Brian realized the importance of a leaders’ role in true sustainable organizational growth and has spent his years since leveraging his uncommon passion for Predictive Index® and exceptional team-building to support of our clients and our team of consultants. Brian’s leadership has led organizations through change, conflict and triple-digit growth.

He makes the transition of integrating our services seamless for clients, often befriending them along the way. Brian serves as a key member of the ADVISA team internally in his role as leader of our client service group. Brian is a proud graduate of DePauw University. He enjoys spending time hiking, biking and exploring with his wife and three daughters.