Allie Burns

CEO at Village Capital

Allie joined Village Capital in 2016 and was named CEO in January of 2019. Before joining Village Capital, Allie was a senior executive at the Case Foundation; Allie was responsible for overseeing its communications, marketing, and partnerships functions. In that role, she helped to create campaigns that advanced the Foundation’s philanthropic mission, including the development of the “Be Fearless” campaign, which later inspired Jean Case’s bestselling book of the same title; as well as several campaigns to support the organization’s field-building work in impact investing. She was also part of the team that co-created the Startup America Partnership, a private sector initiative of the Case and Kauffman Foundations created in response to President Barack Obama’s cross-agency effort to promote entrepreneurship around the country. Within two and a half years, the Startup America Partnership helped launch 32 startup states, cultivate corporate partners and resources, and build a network of more than 13,000 startups across the country.